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it's monday, the 10th of august. thanks for being with us, most news in the morning. >> i'm kiran chetry. we're following several stories we'll be breaking down in the next 15 years. a drug war, trade dispute and swine flu, all of that on president obama's agenda today. we're live in guadalajara, mexico where the president meets with the leaders of mexico and canada. >> back here at home, democrats are trying to break through the noise of the health care debate, it's growing louder by the dachlt anger and frustration not playing out of town hall meetings, what you our viewers have to say ahead. >> the latest on the dramatic midair collision between a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter over the hudson river. a deadly combination after the two crashed and plummeted into the water. now wreckage and more victims have been recovered. also what investigators are learning about a possible cause. cnn's susan candiotti is live on the scene. >>> we begin with president obama in mexico for a summit with the leaders of mexico and canada it's a short trip with a long agenda from drugs an
for a road map, they might find it in massachusetts. jim acosta is joining us in boston this morning. looking today at massachusetts health care system. this was implemented in former governor mitt romney. >> that's right. of all thing, a republican. and you know, john, earlier this week, the white house took a lot of heat from democrats when it backed away from public option and the plans for health care reform. what do you get when you take the public option out of health care reform, according to some experts, you get romney care. >> reporter: if washington wants to reform health care with bipartisan support, consider what former republican presidential candidate mitt romney did as governor in democratic massachusetts. >> you don't have to have a public option. you don't have to have the government in the insurance business to make it work. >> three years after enacting its own version of reform, massachusetts now has near universal coverage. taxpayer watchdogs say it's affordable. >> the wide spread assumption that is breaking the bank in massachusetts. it's not breaking the bank at all.
developments on the interrogation tactics used by cia on suspected terrorists. investigation by cia's own inspector general will be released today. it's a report concealed for five years but a federal court just ordered it released. elaine is live, what do we know about the findings of this report. >> the cia report is expected to be released today but new details are already emerging. >>> in separate incidents cia interrogators threatened the man suspected of plotting the deadly bombing of the uss cole. according to knowledge sources familiar with the 2004 cia report. sources confirm one interrogation session involved a gun. another an electric drill. both meant to scare the al qaeda prisoner into giving up information. newsweek reports mock executions were staged, including one where a gun was fired in a room next to a detainee to make him believe another prisoner had been killed. the american civil liberties union, which sued to get the cia report released, called the tactics under the bush administration not only reprehensible but illegal and said the american public has a right to kn
waves and rip currents. rob marciano is tracking it for us this morning. >> hot-button issues. taxpayers will be forced to pick up the tab for health care for illegal immigrants. president obama says that's simply not true. is that really the case? we have the truth squad this morning. >>> a bombshell accusation about president bush's white house straight from one of the most senior officials who work there. we're talking about tom ridge. he's out with a new book. in it, he claims the white house pressured him to raise the terror level days before the 2004 presidential election. the suggestion -- president bush's team was ready to use scare tactics to score political points. we'll talk to jeanne meserve. but first, the back story from our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. >> reporter: the friday before the 2004 election. only two or three points separated democrat john kerry from president bush. suddenly, a twist. osama bin laden released a shocking new videotape and it played nonstop on the arab language network al jazeera. >> translator: your security is not in the
economic advisor here, she said all of this is going to take time. she uses this description, talking about a lanche ship or a supertanker. you can turn the steering wheel, but it will take time for that ship to turn around. she said that the recovery is similar and everyone has to be patient. >> what's important is not where the president is in the first 100 or the second 100 days. they're going to take the view that in the economy, we inherted an awful mess. they're wapting ingwaiting to final grade is, understanding we have a lot of work to do. they didn't expect we would turn everything around, wave our magic wand, and fix every problem in 200 days. >> when the conversation comes up about these unemployment numbers, the white house again will always say that the president is never satisfied and will not be satisfied untilever american out there out of work and looking for a job can get a job, kiran. >> congress on recess today. we know lawmakers are going back home. they're trying to shore up support for health care reform. this is one town hall meeting. this is kathy caster. take a lo
administration is handling things. dan lothian is breaking it down for us. >> the economy is leveling out, suggesting that the recession could be over. good news for your job and money. christine romans breaks it down. >>> we begin in the fight in afghanistan. marine and afghan forces are engaged in a fierce battle for control of a strategic town in southern afghanistan. barbara starr is live at the pentagon. this comes at a crucial time for afghanistan. >>> one week from today, afghanistan holds presidential elections. the taliban are vowing to disrupt the elections. the u.s. is doing everything it can to make sure the elections are secure. u.s. troops, as you say, marines now in the fight in the city of dahaneh. some of the video we're showing our viewers is really extraordinary. this video, some taken at night by the associated press as they moved through the area with the marines. casualties in southern afghanistan have been heavy in recent weeks as the extra u.s. troops have moved in. president obama, of course, sending the 21,000 additional troops to afghanistan. ove
't have any public events on his schedule. that worries us. what happens here at the white house, the press conference, something. the president is sitting down with the staff and very quietly going on with all of the options with health care reform. we didn't have the senate supporting the public option. they waned to bring in more republicans, the blue dog democrats, as well as assure people that the insurance companies -- the private insurance companies that believe they're going to go out of business, that public health care reform is'a bad idea. what else circulates. what's out there -- perhaps the idea of a co-op. you see the back and forth. one is de-emphasized, another pops up. this is about give us something, guys. what's going to stick here? hopefully the health care legislation believes he's going to sign to law is'going to look the way it looks today, yesterday. we're trying to get a balance, if you will, to see what is the formula to get the most support. >> interesting to see what else percolates out there. a little later at 7:10, speak with congressman weiner we sa
these charges. we will say, again, as we've said before that we said before when they left u.s. soil, they never intended to cross to north korea. according to the charges, they confessed. so we know they're sorry. we're very sorry. and we hope that the north korean government now will show compassion and just let them come home. >> lisa, i mean, does it concern you that the north korean government is saying they were there for a smear campaign, not acknowledging they were independent journalists? >> all we can say is that they are journalists and they were doing their job. my sister has been a journalist for years. and that's really all we can say. you know, we weren't in the courtroom. we don't know any sort of specifics other than what was released. we just hope, you know, given the fact that we know the girls have apologized profusely, that they will let the girls come home to us. it's been -- it's been three months. and that's been too long for us. >> stay with us. because coming up in five minutes' time, we're going to be talking to victor cha, the director of asian affairs at the white ho
. >>> when you talk about the economy, cities and towns across the country, is the worst behind us? former chairman alan greenspan thinks it is. >> i'm pretty sure we've seen the bottom. if you look at weekly production figures from various industries, it's clear we've turned perhaps in the middle of last month, the middle of july. >> christine romans minding your business, do you believe it? >> maybe he's right. if he's right, is the obama administration in a tough position. jobs numbers showing people off the jobs, unemployment higher even next year. even if you've got all the smartest people in the room, by the way, that one in particular who didn't think the housing market would crash, even if the smartest in the room think the worst is behind us, still have what people are feeling on main street. it will be tough next year. great, a recovery may be coming. what's it going to feel like? it's still going to hurt. that's the political problem for the white house. >> larry summers spoke out over the weekend on cbs saying never good to rule things out meaning hiking taxes on the middle cla
economists as well as "business week's" diane brady with us in a few moments. and we have here on set, christine romans and suzanne malveaux. we start with suzanne. clearly a lot of challenges. when he gets it grade, from our polling, people are saying there's still work to be done on the economy. >> the one thing you hear from president obama is i inherited this problem. this is a big problem i got from president bush. one thing they accomplished and they're proud of is the stimulus package. you say, look, you can see that recovery in the housing market. you can see some signs of things changing, turning around, they perhaps headed off the worst depression of all time by being in the deep recession. the second thing is they've taken on the auto industries looking for general motors. the cash for clunkers program incredibly popular. billions of dollars have poured in to this. they've managed to increase the sales, chrysler, gm, honda, you name it. taking on wall street. it's a campaign pledge. they wanted to clean up their act. so they've gotten tougher regulations. one of the things
all night. she joins us now. a couple of people are in serious trouble here with the faa? >> right, john. one employee wasn't even in the building where he was supposed to be. the other on the telephone. this alleged bad behavior came to light in the ntsb's crash investigati investigation. >> reporter: as investigators studied the amateur video to find out what led to the terrifying midair crash over the hudson, there's more stunning information. an air traffic controller who was handling the piper airplane was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time with the crash according to a source with knowledge with the investigation. what the faa calls in a statement, "inappropriate conversations." and there's more. the faa says the air track controller's supervisor was not in the building at the time as required. >> put in the tower to do the job. if they're not doing the job, people can die. and in this case, apparently they weren't doing the job. >> reporter: our source says the air traffic controller had cleared the plane for takeoff from teterboro airport in new jersey before talk
opinions about denuclearization. the fact that the u.s. and the rest of the world, practically, believes north korea should give up the nuclear program but it's two tracked. they're not going to let those combine in any way. >> we wonder where it goes from here. we'll see in the coming months. jill dougherty live for us this morning. thanks. >>> euna lee and laura ling are flying over the pacific as we speak. they're expected to land in burbank, california in little more than an hour. thelma gutierrez is live at the airport. these families are waiting eagerly to be reunited. what have you heard from them this morning? >> we're still waiting for them to arrive. there are lots of preparations going on right here at the bob hope airport. now, this section of the airport where we're standing right now is where the private plane lands and take off. lots of high-profile people and executives use this airport. you can zealots of media gathered in front of the gates. we're waiting for the gates to open so that the media can be escorted in to hangar 25. that's the area where we understand that th
using a power drill to scare an inmate. new claims of threatening their children and mock executions. elaine, within certain circles there in the nation's capital, this inspector general's report is well known. some of what we're learning in public is quite surprising. >> now asking the federal prosecutor to review whether interrogations under the bush administration broke the law. he said this decision was influenced by this newly released cia inspector general report. >> reporter: interrogators threatened to kill the children of khalid sheik muhammed, the 2004 cia report still partially redacted, quote, the interrogators said to khalid sheik muhammad, if anything happens, we're going to kill your children. it reveals a technique not previously disclosed that the interrogator reportedly used a pressure point point technique with both his hands on the detainee's neck blank manipulated his fingers on the carotid artery until he passed out. and the interrogation techniques on the man suspected of plotting the bombing. the debriefer entered the cell where all nashiri cell and racked it
weekend. rob marciano is in the extreme weather center tracking danny for us. >> an american in myanmar talking about the surprise visit to the detained pro democracy leader and how his intrusion did her more harm than good. >> he says he believes he ultimately saved her life. it's a very interesting interview. >>> a salute to an american legend. in a few hours, family and friends of ted kennedy will gather in cape cod. the kennedy clan including his niece, california first lady maria shriver arrive there had last night. they will celebrate mass at noon eastern and send kennedy to a public procession to boston. that will be an opportunity for the people who put him in office and the people who loved him to say good-bye. as john kerry put it, the people and the politics were truly what ted kennedy cherished. >> he loved people. he loved the give and take of politics. he had respect for everybody. and, you know, despite all of the things that were thrown at him, he always talked about the humanity and morality. the good question for a lot of people in politics to learn. >> also
-called reality check that the white house is using to try to counter some of the criticisms out there, kiran. >> we heard the president address it in his weekly radio address where he said, you know, don't listen to some of the misinformation out there. but other than that, we haven't had a reaction from the fireworks of the town hall meetings. any insight to what the president thinks about them. >> the president briefly talked about this yesterday in new mexico. look, it's a healthy thing to have a vigorous debate he believes necessary right now. he believes health care reform cannot wait. the president thinks it's not constructive, productive, when you have people outshouting or trying to outshout other people on town hall meetings on health care. he said in the long run that doesn't do anything to help nip or further the debate. >> thank you so much. >>> democratic lawmakers have been hitting a wall of opposition trying to pitch the health care plan. town hall meetings across the country turning to shouting matches. they're afraid of losing what they have now and what they might have if t
and shouting obviously is not getting us anywhere. >> i am a protester that is supposedly paid to go to these things. i am scared to death about losing my health care. i don't like anything about the bill. >> why aren't people yelling and screaming about the fact that insurance companies are making life and death decisions for them right now. >> do we need reform? yes. but it needs to be the right kind of reform that will take care of everyone and right now i am not convinced that this is what we need, and it's very, very scary. >> i feel like this is a death row country. i hope the senate has a wonderful vacation this summer. >> to hear from more of you, call our show hotline or drop us a line on our website. >> also developing right now, a u.s. army private is under arrest this morning accused of being a contract killer for a mexican drug cartel. the 18-year-old soldier is one of three men charged with murdering a mid level cartel member who was also a dea informant. a lot of surprise to hear about this one. >> reporter: this is just another chilling example of the influence and po
comes to the northwest. rob marciano is tracking it for us. he'll tell us where it's headed. >>> a move that could shatter health care reform and shutter hopes of bipartisanship as they get a earful across the country. ed henry broke the news. the democrats close to the white house are actively considering going along bypassing roadblocks and ramming health care through the senate with no republican assistance. the so-called nuclear option is no sure thing. in a moment, we'll get reaction from bill bennett. elaine kehano at the white house. what are you hearing from this? >> first of all, no final decisions have been made. but officials are actively considering this option. it's a budget move noted as reconciliation. as it noted, instead of the 60 votes need in the senate to push through any legislation, this would only require 51 votes. this is something that's always been on the table, an option that's always been available with different now though, kiran, is the context of all of this. not only is this white house facing reluctant republicans when it comes to health care reform, but
a newly-released report said cia used handgun and electric drill to threaten terror suspects. >>> but we begin this morning with breaking news an and critical situation in the mountains above los angeles. firefighters are racing to contain a wildlifire that claim two of their own. a fire truck rolled off a roll. they're dropping ash on cars as far away as downtown los angeles and this morning, thousands of people have been told to get out. our rob marciano is live in california this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the skies billowing up from northeast los angeles. and this fire continues to grow rapidly. exploding over the weekend for the most part and 45,000 acres burned and far from getting a handle on this thing. 5% containment and the incident commander here who's in charge of trying to battle this fire saying it is a perfect form of fuel, weather and a long-term drought which is not going to end any time soon. as you mentioned, this particular fire threatening structures but over the weekend their worse fears realized as it became deadly. the grim news came late la
son of massachusetts. he joins us this morning. let me ask for your thoughts as the sun comes up on this day, the first day in a long time, without senator edward kennedy. >> john, kiran, good morning. watching the pictures at the compound, a tragic morning at the kennedy compound. to see in the distance the waters off of hyannis port, that kennedy loved so much. so shaped the family after so many years. that's where the family has come together after too many tragedies. the death of his brother in world war ii, assassinations of john kennedy then robert kennedy. family triumphs, weddings and birthday celebrations. pictures of the young brothers playing football. the young jack, bobby, and teddy. and this is the kennedy we did see get old for the past 41 years since his brother, bobby, was gunned down. he was the tormg bearer of that family. in that role, he has a remarkable record of legislative achievement that even his most conservative colleagues pay a tribute too. so as he passes today, people will look back on his record, the voting rights acts of the '60s, medicare legisla
the speakers. deb feyerick will be joining us this morning. an outpouring of emotion, isn't it, deborah? >> the reality of most people was seeing the coffin put into the hearse and the entire family with the widow standing at the head almost lined up at attention outside of the compound for a number of people. i turned and watched even those just around me. and that's when a lot of folks started tearing up. it dawned on them it was real. spent so many hours looking at the vibrant pictures of ted kennedy. all of a sudden, it was clear that the end had come. last night, we're at the kennedy library. last night, 21,000 people came, but what was supposed to be a short viewing period. but because there were so many people, they extended the hours. so, really, folks were here just four hours ago for the final viewing. now i would say 25, 30 people. one of them here. you came today to pay your respects. what does he mean to you? >> i live in new hampshire. got up at 2:00, been here since 3:30. i worked for his brother, jack, when i was 15 years old. i worked for his brother, bobby. and have al
u naing onon ud r. weotototatatininci on us cars for everybody anont cfidedence ininin o. caususususlendnds s ve a a a t tcks. ququq n . >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. this morning, we are beginning a special series focusing on american soldiers returning from iraq and afghanistan. how are they coping after months and sometimes years on the battlefield. back from the front lines, many are fighting the war at home. our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr begins our week long series with a report on homeless veterans. she's live in philadelphia this morning. serious problem, barbara. >> reporter: absolutely, john, we're here in downtown philadelphia where a town hall with veterans is about to get underway. veterans are going to ask a lot of tough questions about their benefits, about education, housing, health care, but what we are finding is very sadly some veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan are already homeless. >> you know what kind of -- forget about everything, you know, helps me stay calm. >> reporter: a
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21

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